Truck Caps, Lids & Tonneau Covers

Designed to keep your truck bed from taking a beating in harsh outdoor conditions, Tonneau covers are functional, durable, weather-resistant and can elongate the life of your truck bed by keeping damaging elements out. Available in a range of measurements best suited for your truck, the team at MJR would be happy to help you find and fit a high-quality tonneau cover to keep your vehicle and its truck bed contents in peak condition.


Tonneau Covers

Our quick and easy installation process guarantees that your wait time is kept to a minimum, and you leave our shoppe with a truck bed you love. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll experience once you get your tonneau cover put in:

  • Better gas mileage. Because tonneau covers prevent wind resistance inside the tailgate, your truck will burn less fuel and take your further between fill-ups.

  • Sleek, polished look. Get the best of both worlds while still maintaining the rugged, powerful aesthetic you love your truck for.

  • Minimize damage and repair costs. No matter what climate you live in, truck beds get hit hard with the effects of snow, rain, humidity, hail and more. Invest in a tonneau cover and rest easy knowing your vehicle bed is protected from the harshest of elements year round.